Character Creation

Here are few guideline/rules to generate a character.

Group Template

To have a more cohesive group and a better flowing game it is recomended to follow the group template.

  • The PCs are new recruits training to be in the AST military, specifically they are training to become mech pilots.
  • The PCs have been in Basic for a few weeks and know each other thru Basic. Though its possible that the PCs knew each other before joining.

Note. Its not neccesary to start a character with all the necessary skills to be a soldier/mech pilot, your characters are in Basic to become one.

Character creation

Standing Tanks; mechs vs. dinosaurs, GO! uses the character creation rules detailed in the Savage Worlds rulebook with the following exceptions.

  • Race. – The only avaliable race in Standing Tanks; mechs vs. dinosaurs, GO! is Human, per the SW rules Humans get one free edge or you can choose a region for your character.
  • Skills. – The Guts skill has been removed as Standing Tanks; mechs vs dinosaurs, GO! is not a fear based game. When any fear or moral checks are needed a Spirit roll will be used.
    Driving has been renamed Planetary Vehicles, but is otherwise the same.
    Piloting has been renamed Space Vehicles, but is otherwise the same.
    New skills – Pilot Mecha(Agility).
    Recomended Knowledge skills – Battle, Computers, Culture, Demolitions, Electrical, Mechanical, Tactics.
  • Hindrances. – The Young and Elderly character flaws are not allowed, the military would not accept a recruit of those ages.
    Doubting Thomas is pointless as there is no supernatural in Standing Tanks; machs vs. dinosaurs,GO! to disbelive.
    New Hindrances.
  • Edges. – New stuff to come soon . . . or someday, eventually . . . maybe.
  • Gear. – No need to purchase any equipment, the AST military provides for you.

Character Creation

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