The stoy so far. . .

Mankind, having already ravaged and depleated it’s home-world, took to the stars for new worlds to reap. First assimilating its neighboring worlds and then spreading to the outlying planets and their satelites. One right after the other, every possible place in the solar system was mined, stripped, colonized, or sold for scrap. This continued until there were no place left. And unable to breach the barrier of light, Man seemed condemned to only 8 planets and scores of moons. This story would have been much shorter and more boring had it not been for the involement of Science and its never ending progress.

Just past the orbit of the out of work planet Pluto, on a routine mission scientist found a small tear in the fabric of space. After many extensive test the scientist discovered that the tear was actually a tunnel leading to a specific spot in another point in space. The tear could be temporarily enlarged so as to fit a spaceship and have it fly to the other side. Using these wormholes Mankind was unbound from it’s parent star system and finally free to traverse the vast distances of space and plunder all its riches.

Hooray Science!

The first wormhole led to nowhere, but after finding the first one scientist new what to look for and soon enough more were found. Some of them lead to stars, and many of them had planets. Evntually, hundreds of planets were found; rocky worlds, gas giants, proto-planets and many new ones needing their own classification. But one thing all the diverse worlds had in common was their lack of life. Earth seemed to be the only life bearing planet, that is until the discovery of Terra Nova.

On the very edge of explored space was a planet as full of life as earth had been during its glory days. A single star officially known as eta Trimenia, it’s second satellite known as Eta Trimenia B was crissened Terra Nova.


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